Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Radio... Thanks Marconi!!

Till sometime back, I have never really understood the significance of radio. While in my own land, I always had different sources - be it office/television/casual chats/etc that used to update me all kind of happenings in the world. It was just only when travelling in cabs I used to listen to radio, and at those times felt irritated that I couldn't listen to my own playlist of songs and had to listen to some random talks & songs.

But after coming to US, my usual day doesn't pass without tuning to some radio channels for hours. It all started with my curiosity to get accustomed to the accent of the people here & to listen to some Englist beats. Now it has become a routine :) Morning news for a couple of hours - both local & country news ( US ;) ), English songs till early evening and lot of flavors of Tamil songs the rest of the daylight hours.. Wow!! I am really enjoying the company of the radio stations, while I am alone at home.

In general, I tend to play some songs whenever I need to concentrate on some important works. These radio stations provide a random juggle of songs & help me be focused - be it cooking or reading books or surfing the net. And most of all, it also helps to break the silence at home & constantly make  me feel more and more at home :D

This is one of the best things that I have picked up recently.. Thanks Marconi!!