Saturday, 4 April 2015

Blend of GRE and LOR fascination

The juggernaut of Sauran's implacable army marched forward, with dreams of pulverizing the enemy, but instead got decimated in the end by Gandolf!!


Friday, 3 April 2015

A Break!!

Here comes the break,
that desperate race that was on 
since the very beginning,
taking a temporary halt

A break, to be well utilized,
to invigorate me,
to unleash my unexplored strengths,
to patch all my weaknesses,
a chance to explore myself, better,
to express myself in other avenues

A break, which threatens me
for I should be more vigilant than before,
tread my steps with clear idea than before, 
for any mistake, I pay heavy ransom,
I wont be broken, but muster up again

A break, to shower all my love (without distraction),
love for my love, 
love for my parents & in-laws,
love for my little companions,
love for my friends,
love for all my acquaintances,
the maximum love that I can expend from my inner self,
radiating it for everything and everyone around

A break, expected to end well,
rolling out the best path I could ask for,
filled with challenges and inspirations,
quenching my long dwelling quest for satisfaction
for, it isn't success which I am after,
but the inner-fulfillment of my own self! 

A break, to be celebrated,
to strengthen bonds with my own people,
to giggle around every corner in my own land, 
to cherish the blessings bestowed so far,
to invite more pleasure in the days to come,
to express my gratitude to the Almighty

And here starts the break,
with all the hope that it ends well :)